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Building Sustainable Transportation

July, 2010:  A good crop of sustainable transportation projects is underway in Missoula right now.  N. Higgins is going from 4 lanes to 3, with cycle tracks included and large pedestrian areas

 at the corners. New bike lanes are being installed on Brooks St from Mount to Higgins.  The Greenough Gateway with sidewalks and bike lanes is finally coming to fruition.  The second major single lane roundabout is going in, along with sidewalks and bike lanes, in lower Miller Creek.  Hundreds of curb ramps are being poured to make sidewalks accessible for more people.  New sidewalks are popping up like wildflowers in many areas of town.  New buses are on the streets...

With a little luck on timing, two major trail connections and extensions will be made right in the heart of town, furthering the options for cycling and walking.

We are moving forward with the 5th and 6th Great Bikeways and Livable Street proposal, just sent off to City leaders for review.  Lastly, we have just completed the paper, 'The Revival of the Pedestrian Mall: Successful Models for Missoula, Montana', and invite your feedback.

-Bob Giordano, Director, MIST

mist at strans (and then a dot org)

406 880-6834


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