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Sustainable Transportation News

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Wintertime in Missoula

As we head into 2011, it's a time for renewal.  We are getting the Pedal Power Warehouse ready for design and production of all things cycled.  Bike trailers, 3 and 4 wheel vehicles, Long Johns, and even a pedal bus are in the works.

We'll need all sorts of help- drop by the community bike shop at 732 S.1st West to see how you can contribute.  Over the holidays, we'll run on shorter hours, but be back in full swing as the new year gets into gear.  We will also jump right into planning projects for 2011, with new bike lanes, trails and sidewalks coming to many parts of town.  We have two new staff people, and several interns getting ready to build sustainable transportation in Missoula.  This marks a turn from all volunteer run to staff facilitated and we will need help to keep things moving. 

Want to make a donation to MIST and Free Cycles?  Send contributions to 'MIST, 91 Campus Dr. #1412, Missoula, MT, 59801'.

Thanks for your interest!  Sincerely, Bob Giordano, Director, Missoula Institute For Sustainable Transportation


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