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Healthy and Prosperous Transportation

February 2021:  The need and awareness for sustainable transportation continues to grow here in Missoula, Montana, as well as most other places on the planet!  Save for isolated places of small tribes of people where walking and running are still the main and only methods to move about, the rest of the planet is coming to terms with community and mobility. While we'd be one of the first to extoll the amazing virtues of the humble automobile, we'd likewise readily admit the challenges- and dangers- of relying too much on passive movement. MIST, and our affiliate Free Cycles program, are all about active transportation! 

Missoula, MT, population 100,000 at the convergence of five valleys, is an ideal location to _actively_ demonstrate a premier walk/bike/transit system that serves all people.  We still research, design, collaborate and advocate on a daily basis to get this done.  Public participation is challenging during the pandemic, yet public process has not stopped so we adapt to be effective leaders and contributors.  The community bicycle shop has been closed to people coming inside for nearly a year- this has not stopped us from providing hundreds of bicycle and tons of parts via curb side service.  Public meetings to redesign our streets and trails have all been via video conferencing.. a challenging form of engagement yet, again, we adapt and become effective in this newer medium.

The Long Range Transportation Plan update is well underway, East Missoula's streets are being redesigned, the Hip Strip is about to begin a process for intense urban renovation, and overall we talk as a community about key concepts like sustainable mobility, equity and justice, and how we might move forward in healthy and prosperous ways. Thanks for your interest and as always feel free to drop a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  Sincerely, -Bob Giordano, Director, MIST


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