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Doorstep Democracy


The purposes of our surveys are to:

  • -Track usage of sustainable travel modes in the Missoula Valley over time
  • -Correlate mode use with changes in policy, infratstructure, time of year and other variables
  • -Gather data on individual preferences for future sustainable transportation travel options


A sample of surveys we are working on or have completed:



-Attitudes towards Highway 93 expansion

-Acceptance of downtown walking streets or pulblic squares

-Willingness of homeowners on Brooks St. to give up parking in exchange for a bike lane


Example of an on-going survey

MIMOST- Missoula Intra Modal Options Sustainable Transportaiton Survey

 Sustainable Transportation Questionnaire       Date _______   Location_______       _____ 

1)   How often do you ____ (walk, bike, skate, etc.)? 

2)   Why do you choose these modes of transportation? 

3)   Have you ever been hit by a car?  If so, where (and how did it happen)? 

4)   What improvements can be made in Missoula? 

5)   If you would like to help us with this survey, please leave contact info:

(We currently have 800 of these surveys completed and are compiling results)



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