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Missoula Model

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Parameters of the Missoula Model

This section starts the process of data and goals behind the Missoula Model.

For instance, over 200 car crashes that result in severe injury are currently happening in the Missoula Valley every year.  Our goal is to eliminate the severe injury crash (over 2400 total crashes a year are being recorded- these are car to car, car to bike, and car to pedestrian crashes).

Several of the elements of the Missoula Model are designed to significantly reduce injury crashes- such as replacing signalized intersections with single lane roundabouts- while enhancing mobility and access.

We are also focused on parameters like equity, air and water quality, fuel consumption, financial costs, % of valley paved with asphalt, vehicle miles driven, bike and ped counts and so on.  This is a program in development called, 'Transportation Tracks.'

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