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Bike Rides Around Missoula


Out of Missoula:

*take Mullan Rd west to Frenchtown, back to Missoula on Hwy 10 (which is Broadway) that has a wide shoulder (starts narrow and gets wider as you get closer to Missoula). 36 miles roundtrip

*take 93 South to Lolo (7mi from Missoula on a narrow- 2' to 3'- shoulder), then ride the Bitterroot trail as far as Hamilton, for 40 more miles.  The trail is good: 10' wide, varyies from 15' to 90' away from Hwy 93 (which can be noisy), and often is 10' or more higher than the highway (due to the natural terrain).  This is a great valley to ride in, with the Bitterroot range to the West and the Sapphire range to the East. Turn around at any point.  Be careful where the trail crosses side roads, which occur about 2 per mile.  You will also see a frontage road off to the west about 1/4 mile away.  This is also a great bike ride if you want to be further from away from Hwy 93- there is little traffic (fast though).

*take Broadway east for 12 miles to the Blackfeet Valley, head north at the junction in Miltown, and experience some of the best bicycle road riding anywhere on the planet.  The shoulder along the Blackfeet Highway (Hwy 200) is at least 6' to 8' most of the length.  The river is great for swimming, fishing or floating.  Camping exists if you look.  A great camping site is in Ovando.  Many fishing accesses are good for taking bike breaks or camping.

*take Broadway east for 12 miles, then continue east on the Frontage road to Clinton, cross to the south side of I-90, take a neighborhood street for 3 more miles east, then climb over a small fence and the rail tracks to ride I-90 for 14 miles before you get to the next spot to get on a frontage road again.  This 14 miles section has no frontage road due to narrow canyon, yet one can bike along the tracks if you have a strong frame and wheels.  You can do any number of loop rides:

   -south into Rock Creek, over Skalkaho pass, back up the Bitterroot to Missoula
   -north towards Helena and a variety of loop options back to Missoula
   -continue east towards Historic Butte, with trails along the way

More coming...

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