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Missoula Streets and Trails

Dust on Greenough Drive

Dust is an issue on many streets in Missoula.  The link below shows more about the issue on Greenough Dr.

Greenough Drive Dust Issues- Pictures and captions


Reserve St. and Mullan Intersection

The project was complete in summer of 2011.  Initial results show a crash reduction at the immediate intersection, yet

Spruce St. East

Fall 2012 update: E. Spruce appears to be working well for all modes of transportation.  Some improvements could be made with regards to slowing speeds 2-5mph further, yet overall the lane widths seem to be about right for balancing:

2  bike lanes
2  travel lanes
1 parking lane parallel
1 parking lane angle (back-in)


Brooks St, Mount to Higgins

Brooks St. from Mount to Higgins was repaved in Summer of 2010, adding in bike lanes, by removing parking on one side of the street. 

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