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Missoula Streets and Trails

Spruce St. East

Fall 2012 update: E. Spruce appears to be working well for all modes of transportation.  Some improvements could be made with regards to slowing speeds 2-5mph further, yet overall the lane widths seem to be about right for balancing:

2  bike lanes
2  travel lanes
1 parking lane parallel
1 parking lane angle (back-in)



Spruce Street, from Madison to Higgins, underwent changes in late summer of 2009.

The original City project narrowed the driving lanes from 15’ to 10’ and narrowed the bike lanes from 7’ to 5’ 9”.   That narrowing allowed the 8’ wide parallel parking lane on the south side of the street to be expanded to a 19’ wide angled parking lane (back-in angle parking, which increases visibility).  The result showed less safety in that the cyclists on the north side bike lane were too much in the 'door zone' of parked cars.

MIST worked with the City and residents to improve this initial project.

In the Summer of 2010, with public support, the road was chip sealed again and restriped to give more safety to bicyclists and improve livability for several residents.  Two blocks were changed back to parallel parking from the diagonal parking, and the center line was shifted one foot to the south to increase bike safety.  The two changed blocks were on the more residential east end. 

Spring 2021 Observation: the street still works. We would be supportive of changing the bike lanes to wide cycle tracks however.

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