Road Projects

Russell St. Cross Sections
This rendering by Walkable Communities shows a 2-lane section of an improved Russell street.  This portion is in the tightest right-of-way- 7th to 11th streets- necessitating a small median that would prevent left turns across traffic.  Well-placed and right-sized roundabouts can provide all the turning movements (with right turns and U-turns).  In some sections, a 3-lane cross section can be utilized to address safety and flow.  A combination of 2-lane and 3-lane travelways plus sidewalks, bike lanes, transit stops and trail connections is likely the safest and most accessible roadway design for Russell street.  MIST supports the community interest for having this type or roadway in the Neighorhood section of 3rd to Mount.


What Russell Street can look like in the futureq