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Elements of Sustainable Transportation

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Bike Parking

Excellent bicycle parking is part of an overall transportation mix. Issues to consider include security, cost-effectiveness and convenience.



 Covered Bike Parking

This cycle parking location is next to a transit stop- notice the nice cover


bike parking in car space

Six to eighteen bikes can park in the space for one car


Bike Parking with Landscaping

Cycle parking can integrate with landscaping.


Bike Cage

A bike cage can provide extra security

Bike Wheel Bender

This type of cycle parking can save space, but can also bend front wheels


Bike Fork In Parking

The entire front fork fits into this parking space


On Street Bike Parking

Bike parking along a narrow street


Bad Bike Parking

An ineffective bike parking facility


Lolipop Bike Parking
An effective bike parking facility


Sea of Bikes in Holland

A sea of parked bikes at a train station in Holland 


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