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Elements of Sustainable Transportation

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Bike Styles

There are many different kinds of bicycles. This section starts to explore both the old and the new.



Long John from Denmark

This bike is called a Long John. The extended front is for carring goods.



Home made long john for Free Cycles Missoula

Another Long-John, this one used by Free Cycles Missoula to carry bikes.



 Pedal Powered Street Sweeper for Missoula

The pedaled sweeper is a 4-Wheel bike with 2 seats. (full description)



 Home made bicycle trailer carrying a roundabout

a heavy-duty bike trailer.


Lawn Cart converted into a bike trailer

A lawn cart hooked to a bike rack (tied with an inner tube) makes an instant bike trailer.



Mom with two children on one bike in Holland

Good facilities attracts all sorts of bikes- this one with mom, two kids and stroller.



half john bicycle in Christiana Denmark

A variation of the Long-John- the half John.

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