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Bike Well Classes
Bike Well classes cover bicycle laws, maintenance, and shop set up and expectations.  We generally spend the first 15 minutes of the class talking about the rights and responsibilities of biking in Missoula and the next 45 minutes on basic hands-on maintenance tips that range in difficulty.  We also take you on a tour of the shop so you know where all the tools and supplies are located.  We ask that you take one of the classes before building your own free bike. 
The class is free and open to all.  There is no age requirement and no need to sign up- just show up.  
BikeWell Class Times: Wed 5-6pm,  Friday 1-2pm, Saturday 11am to noon
Here is an overview of what we go over:

“Every person operating a bicycle shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle.”  -Montana Code, Title 21, Chap 8

-Stop at stop signs and red lights (law may change in 2015 to 'bikes yield at stop signs', similar to Idaho law)
-Comply with all traffic signs and ride with the flow of traffic
-Use lights at night (front required, rear optional)
-Riding on sidewalks is legal (unless signed);  yield to pedestrians
-Riding 2 abreast in bike lane is legal
-Riding 2 abreast in a traffic lane is legal if  2 cyclists do not impede normal traffic flow anymore than if one cyclist takes the lane
-Hand signals and helmets are not required yet strongly encouraged
-Law allows cyclists to ‘get in line’ at intersections

Licenses: A license will help you recover your bike if stolen.
Cost: Free

Road Position: Cyclists are required to ride as close as practicable to the right hand edge of the road way. If lanes are too narrow to safely share with cars, you can move out from the curb to avoid being sideswiped (you can legally ‘take the lane’). You can ride far enough to the left to avoid hazards (like car doors) or to pass another vehicle.


“A little bit of work every few weeks can keep your bike running great.”  -ancient proverb

Lube- Once every other week or when needed; oil your chain and derailleur pivot points.

Air- Look on the side wall of the tire to see the recommended pressure. Keeping your tire properly inflated extends tire life and eases pedaling. Most mountain bikes are 35-50 PSI while road bikes are 70 PSI or higher.

Cables- Cables slowly stretch over time- every few months adjust to insure good working brakes and derailleurs.

Cleaning- Dirt speeds up wear on bikes parts. A good bath with an earth friendly solvent or dish soap once a month can keep you and your bike sparkling clean. Rinse off cleaning products before re-lubing.
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