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Elements of Sustainable Transportation

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Bus Systems

A key component to a transportation system is a well-functioning bus system. Elements that make for a good bus system include: frequent enough service, reliability, convenience, safety (both on the bus and getting to the bus), affordability, and fits within the community context. The size and density of the community are two major factors in determining the scope of a bus system.

There is a strong case for making bus service 'free' to the entire community- a 20% efficiency can be gained by people not having to deal with tickets and fares.  Perhaps a bus system should be treated like a public library: a community good that is funded by all.  Missoula, MT- our hometown- has seen record ridership by implementing a 'fare-free' system.  The system is funded by a combination of local taxes, federal grants (available to most community transit systems) and local sponsors and donors.


 Clear windows are important for buses

Clear windows, without tint, make for a pleasant ride.



 Stroller loading onto a low-floor bus

Access for wheelchairs and baby strollers is a must for successful transit. A built-up curb combined with low-floor buses (and a fold down flap that the driver activates for wheelchairs) may alleviate the need for expensive hydraulic lifts.

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