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Sustainable Transportation News

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Sustainable Trasnportation Heats Up

As spring time comes to fruition in Missoula, so are lots of sustainable transportation projects. 


The 12th annual Festival of Cycles was a big success with over 150 bikes built up and given away.  An open house for the 5th and 6th street bikeway project attracted about 40 people- all but one in general support of the project.  We pedaled a bus shelter to Hellgate Highschool for new covered bike parking.  And the Free Cycles Community Bike Shop is busy as ever.

Over the course of the summer, we can expect the construction of Missoula's first modern roundabout on an arterail roadway, and the strong possibility of several new bike lanes- especially on Higgins from the bridge to Broadway.

A great trail connection- from the river front area of McCormick Park to the California foot bridge- should be in place by August.

Peruse our site- and please pay close attention to the 'get involved' section, located off the home page or through the 'Missoula Model' program page.


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