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Summer Transportation Projects in Missoula Start to Get Hot!


As Missoula's summer hits its stride, so do many area transportation projects.  Stephens Avenue just gained bike lanes (Mount to Brooks), Higgins, downtown, prepares for bike lanes (bridge to Broadway), the design is coming together for Missoula's first cycle track project (Higgins, Broadway to Railroad), and the Higgins Beckwith roundabout is now under construction.

Free Cycles is enjoying our busiest time ever, with dilapidated bicycles limping into the shop and fun commuter bikes rolling right back out.

On a very sad note, two cyclists were killed in Missoula County in one week- a strong reminder that the work of sustainable transportation has a long way to go.  Losing community members on the streets is not 'fact of life' but a tragedy that can be avoided.  It takes a village to make a village sustainable and livable- and everyone has a role.

Give us your thoughts, go to a meeting, build a neighbor a bike, drive with patience, enjoy the wonderful transit system...  summer is a time for exploration and celebration.

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