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Sustainable Transportation News

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MIST News, February 2011

We are continuing the push to help Missoula, Montana become a model city for sustainable transportation.  Much headway has been made and yet there is so much work to be done.  Broadly, our goals are to do away with injury traffic crashes, pollution and the inequity of over dependence on oil and cars.  In other words, let's build a healthy, vibrant, clean transportation system that works for all people. How does this take shape?  Our research in Missoula and beyond shows that the following measures can really help:

-replacing traffic signals with single lane roundabouts that are human scale and emphasize pedestrians and bicycles

-retrofitting streets (often with only paint) so that 3 lanes is the largest footprint; no need for large arterials that tend to clog traffic and contribute to injury crashes

-connecting our bike lanes, sidewalks and trails into a cohesive active transportation system

-lacing our downtown with a couple walking streets

-bringing back passenger rail, doubling bus service, creating bike share and car share

-lowering motor vehicle speeds with good road design, to a maximum of 25mph in the city limits

We are always looking to improve this 'Missoula Model' approach.  Do you have ideas or input?  Step by step, we can move towards sustainable transportation.

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