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Sustainable Transportation News

Home Current Summer SusTrans and Bicycle News in Missoula
Summer SusTrans and Bicycle News in Missoula

Missoula has had some great sustainable transportation events over the last couple months.  During Bike Walk Bus week, Free Cycles ran several workshops, hosted the 14th annual Festival of Cycles, led a bike ride out to Turah and invited the community to the Pedal Warehouse for a commuter bike party.  The other MIST programs spearheaded the promotion of a Missoula Plaza (or Piazza), alternatives to asphalt and networks of bikeways and walkways.

Several facility projects are underway in our area.  Some great trail extensions and bike lane improvements are happening right now.

Our newest campaigns involve the creation of pedestrian space downtown and settling on an asphalt alternative for the river trail in the heart of Missoula.  Let us know if you would like to be involved, or have ideas.

Sustainable Tranpsportation is about the process as much as the product.  

Thanks for your interest,

-Bob Giordano,|
Executive Director, MIST  

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