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Shifting Transportation in 2012

2012 holds much promise for making transportation safer, more equitable and more environmentally sounds.  Why?  Lots of ground work has been done in Missoula and beyond over the last many years.   With any ground work, eventually plants do bloom, showing beautiful blossoms.  We might think of these blossoms as more people walking, on bicycle and on transit; well-designed roundabouts, bike lanes, trails, walkways, public places, trains and even advancements in car design; mixed use development, permeable pavements, small businesses, and corner markets play a role too.  Think about the possibilities and be active.

At MIST, and with our Free Cycles program, we need your help to move forward.  The community bicycle shop we have run for 15 years is in an expanding state, and our Pedal Tech Warehouse is just starting to hum. We are excited about a roundabout at Scott/Spruce that is planned to be built this summer.  The long range transportation plan for the Missoula area is being updated in 2012 (this happens every four years) and the Active Transporation Plan implementation team is now meeting regularly.  We already have several workshops on bicycle safety and maintenance set for late winter and early spring and Bike Walk Bus week planning sessions are underway.  We will have a handful of piazza demonstrations, with highlights being at the Big Sky Film Fest, the two Sunday Streets events, at Bike Walk Bus week and a stand alone event at the Farmers Market site downtown. We will also implement an alternative to asphalt for the river trail, with a pine resin product, the ground seed husks of the psyllium plant, or some other non-toxic, non petroleum surface treatment being laid on the ground, with your help.

We continue to partner with BWAM, MAST, the City, County and State, businesses, neighborhoods and citizens that want to see our town improve for all.  Drop an email at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call at 406-880-6834 to join a working group, learn more or give input.  We welcome your participation.  Sincerely, -Bob Giordano, Director    1/21/2012

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