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Missoula On Track 2013

April, 2013: We are poised for a great year of sustainable transportation, focusing on mindset and structure.  The two issues go hand in hand.   Check back soon for a more comprehensive update.  In the meantime, here is the wrap-up for 2012:

Missoula enjoyed some good steps in 2012 to make our collective system of mobility safer, more equitable and more environmentally sound. 

Several new bike lanes were added, a new urban trail began, lots of sidewalks were put in place (with more equitable financing), a bike station was added to the bus transit center, asphalt alternatives gained traction (paving code is being updated to allow permeable paving), the 2012 Tweed Ride at Free Cycles was a fun success, several benefit concerts for bicycling played well and the Community Bicycle Shop- one of three core Free Cycles programs- hosted over 15,000 visitors building, tuning and helping with community bicycle projects. 

We still need you help- time, money, goods and services; all the usual things a non-profit needs to run. 

In 2013 we plan to renew our focus on single lane, human-scale roundabouts and 4 lane to 3 lane conversions.  As important as infrastructure though, is the mind set, or conversation, that takes place in the community.  We're excited that this is occurring not just in Missoula, but all over Montana. 

-Bob Giordano, Director    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ,  406-880-6834

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