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Sustainable Transportation News

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Walking and Cycling heats up
August 2013: Both Free Cycles and MIST are in full gear for projects and programs.  The community bike shop is full of activity, helping people repair their own bikes or build one from our stock of donations.  On the reseach, design and advocacy end, we are busy collecing data before the 1st urban mini roundabout comes to Missoula at the end of August, at the intersection of Scott and Toole.  We are also engaged in the Missoula Transporation Safety Plan, the Bridges scoping process for rebuilding both the Higgins and Madison Bridges and preparing for the design workshops for the new Russell street.  In general we are still advocating for 3-lane roadways and single lane roundabouts, with good bike lanes sidewalks and trail connections.  Joined by an excellent transit system, bike share and continued conversation abot our collective transporation system, and overall Missoula seems headed in a better direction.  Last but not least, our work on permeable pavements replacing asphalt is paying off, with a major new trail being 'paved' with psyllium later this summer.  Let us know if you would like get involved!  -Bob Giordano, director, Free Cycles, MIST
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