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Sweet Summer

The Missoula summers are so sweet for so many events and projects.   We have much gratitude for living in this beautiful valley high in the mountains.  Did you know Missoula is the largest city in North America that is completely surrounded by the Rocky Mountains?  As such, this gives us all more responsibility to keep this place healthy, strong and in tune with our local eco system.  Over dependence on driving can knock a place down- pollution, noise crashes and sprawl tend to degrade a place...  let's continue to uplift Missoula with a more peaceful approach.  Walking, riding bicycles and taking transit is a huge benefit to the local people and landscape.  Driving can have its place, and finding that place is of utmost importance...

Over the last 20 years, Free Cycles and MIST have engaged in that quest for balance, harmony, conservation and engagement to make the place better.  The support, both giving and receiving, is what fuels this movement.  Many people make the work easy- with persistence and passion of course.  We strive to move forward everyday- taking shape with teaching how to fix a bike to creating policy for safe and flowing intersections.   Let's continue the journey together.   thanks, -Bob Giordano, director, July 2015.

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