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Falling in Love

Fall in Missoula is like Falling in Love.  The colors, scents and sights; the beautiful light and the stars at night.  So much to behold and have gratitude for.  At Free Cycles and MIST we feel blessed to work with so many people for a better community and environment.

We've hosted many events lately- well worth it to build community energy and excitement while having fun and engagement.  Several bike tours have been a highlight- 20 of us going over the Mission Mountains; 3 staff biking from Missoula to the top of Logan Pass in Glacier Park for the Super Moon; a small group biking to Potomac Montana to fix 75 children's bicycles for the schools' annual bikathon.  We've hosted many community gatherings too - Bring It Home!, Festival of Cycles, Tweed Ride, and some hot sweet tunes from more than a dozen local bands lately- all plays into making and keeping Missoula a special place.  As we wind down the 'big biking season', and head into the cooler days, our focus shifts a bit to planning and projects, for both now and 2016.  We're excitied for the Long Range Transportation Plan kicking off, and to continue working with people and groups to continue the movement towards sustainable transportation.   Thanks Missoula, Sincerely, -Bob Giordano, Free Cycles Programs Director, MIST Executive Director


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