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We are very excited to announce a major campaign to keep Free Cycles and MIST strong into the future:

Raising 1.1 million dollars to support sustainable biking and community

Cycles of Change is a campaign geared towards purchasing the property
where Free Cycles Missoula has operated for the past 11 years. Stationed
in the lovely Riverfront Neighborhood, 

the non-profit community bicycle
shop has provided 200,000 people from diverse backgrounds with free
bicycle repair skills. We further strive to inspire positive community
change to all who enter through our doors.

An agreement has been made with the current property owners. Free Cycles
has until Mother’s day of 2016 to accumulate enough funds to buy the two
acres of land and historic wood buildings. Located in the heart of
Missoula, at the union of two primary trails, the property is an ideal
place to continue the work of Free Cycles and its umbrella organization,
the Missoula Institute for Sustainable Transportation. Preserving the
existing buildings will honor Missoula’s heritage and create pathways to a
liveable future.

Free Cycles was formed in 1996 to reduce air pollution, improve
congestion, and repurpose unused bicycles for the community good. Over
time, many social cycling services have developed, including Open Shop,
Build A Bike, and BikeWell Education. Owning the land at 732 S. 1st St.
will enable these vital community programs to be expanded to their full

Such goals may seem ambitious, yet here at Free Cycles we feel the timing
is impeccable. Let’s celebrate 20 years of people power, honor the passion
of collective community spirit, heighten awareness, and unite for a cause
in which we truly believe!

contact:  Bob Giordano, 
 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
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