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About MIST

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General MIST Work Plan

click here for our 'property and programs' vision, which is
contained in full on our Free Cycles website: http://www.freecycles.org/vision


 help create a network of sustainable transportation systems.

Sustainable Transportation:

a system of movement that is safe, equitable and environmentally sound.

Primary Organizational Goals:

 Create safe transportation by eliminating severe injury-crashes

 Create equitable transportation by meeting users’ needs

 Create environmentally sound transportation by conforming to air and water quality regulations

Primary Organizational Objective:

 help Missoula, Montana become a model city for sustainable transportation


Missoula-based programs:

Share the City, Share the Street:

 “growing knowledge for achieving sustainable transportation”

Objective: provide a variety of educational opportunities for the community

On-going Project: lead presentations, workshops, and fieldtrips

Doorstep Democracy:

 “growing relationships for achieving sustainable transportation”
Objective: open lines of communication to facilitate public discussion 

On-going Project: survey Missoula residents and publish results

Moving Missoula:

 “growing infrastructure for achieving sustainable transportation”
Objective: help create optimal streets, trails and public places

On-going Project: measure the sustainability of the Missoula's mobility

Free Cycles Missoula:

 “growing vehicles for achieving sustainable transportation”

Objective: provide free bicycles, parts and help to the community

On-going Project: operate the Community Bicycle Shop


Vision Statement: Communities around the world with active walking and cycling cultures. Excellent transit systems that run on clean energy. Bicycle station and car share options within walking distance of homes. Safe and fluid vehicle movement. Networks of greenway corridors that connect people and open space. A global awareness of transportation issues and impacts

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