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Doorstep Democracy

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Demo Events

Demonstration events are powerful ways for engaging the public in new ideas and projects. It is much easier for someone to visualize a project once they have actually tried it out. Mist is working on performing a series of demonstration events. The first one is documented in the pictures below.

Roundabout Setup Spruce & Higgins
In May 2001, Mist built a temporary roundabout at the intersection of Spruce and Higgins in Missoula- during a road closure at a bike race.

Roundabout Demo Layout Higgins & Spruce
Laying out the roundabout

Roundabout In Action Spruce & Higgins Missoula

The roundabout in action. Everyone used it correctly. A permanent roundabout could have a truck apon- made of a permeable, cobblestone like surface.

Roundabout & Cyclists Missoula Montana
Notice the high degree of visibility between the bike and car. If designed well, with low speeds in mind, a roundabout is safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists when compared to a signalizedl intersection.

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