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Free Cycles

Community Shop

Bike Well Classes

Free Cycles Services

Free Cycles Missoula provides bikes, parts and help

to the community.  We help people fix, build and ride bicycles.

The community bike shop is open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm.

Location: 732 s. 1st St. west, near McCormick Park.

At the shop, we can help you fix your own bike or get used parts.  These services
are free, yet donations into our shop jar are much appreciated.

If you have bikes and parts to donate, please bring them to free cycles

during open shop- we take everything.

To build your own basic free bicycle, you 1st take a free bikewell class, then do 4 hours of service.  After taking the class and doing the service, we will help you build your bike.

The class covers maintenance, safety and shop orientation and is offered Wed at 5pm, Fri at 1pm and Sat at 11am.  No need to sign up, just show up.  The 4 service hours are done
during open shop (tues to sat 10am to 6pm) and can be organizing, cleaning and some bike work if you know how or would like to learn.

We also have bikes for sale, some complete and many needing work- come visit to see the options.  

Children’s bikes for age 10 yrs and under are on a donation basis and require no volunteer or class time.
Some are ready to go-  most need a tune-up which we will help you with.  $5 to $20 is a suggested donation for a childs' bike. 

For kids 11 yrs of age to 14 yrs of age, a free bike can be obtained after taking the class and doing 2 hours of service.  15 yrs of age and up would do the full 4 hours of service.


Checkout Bikes

Pedal Technology

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