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About MIST

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Mission, Goals & Objectives


Help create a sustainable transportation system in Missoula, Montana

Sustainable transportation:  A system of movement that is safe, equitable and environmentally sound, fits within the landscape and culture of a particular area, and balances local needs such as mobility and access with global concerns such as human rights, resource conservation and ecological diversity." (MIST, 2012)

    * Significantly reduce crashes, pollution and congestion
    * Help create transportation choices
    * Diversify fuel systems
    * Reconnect critical wildlife habitats
    * Contribute to global sustainability
    * Reduce the energy consumed by transportation systems
    * Improve the health of people and communities

        * Define and promote principles of sustainable transportation
        * Seek out and implement optimal designs for public streets and trails
        * Improve transportation options

Strategies we use to meet objectives:
    * Facilitate the Missoula Model
    * Participate in community planning efforts
    * Perform public demonstration projects
    * Develop and publish research
    * Maintain vision maps, a library and web site
    * Make presentations and lead tours
    * Facilitate roundtable discussions

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