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Past Events

Free Fall Bike Tour

October 16-17, 2010                                                                           Poster          Pledge Sheet


Free Fall Bike Tour: Planting Cycles


Join Free Cycles on an overnight bicycle adventure from Missoula to Lubrecht Forest on Saturday, October 16th to deliver a ‘family’ of donated bicycles.  Riders will haul a small fleet of bikes to donate to the Experimental Forest, for use by forest staff and visitors.


The ride will depart from the Free Cycles Community Bike Shop at noon on 10/16, and travel 33 miles up the beautiful Blackfoot river corridor along route 200.  Free Cycles will donate the bicycles and then camp in an aspen grove for the evening.  Riders will return, after a hearty breakfast, to Missoula mid-day Sunday October 17th.  Free Cycles encourages people to donate bicycles to this project.  Call Bob at 880-6834 for more information.


More info:


As well as donating bicycles, riders are encouraged to get pledges to help raise money for the Free Cycles program.  Another goal, in keeping with the Free Cycles mission, is to get people out on their touring bikes and experience Montana at a speed that enables the engagement of all the senses: smell the soil, see the landscape, hear the rivers, feel and taste the cool mountain air...


All are welcome to participate.  Riders are needed to pull bikes and riders are needed as escorts.  The ride will be group supported without the use of a motor vehicle.  Anyone can bike the 66 mile round trip and Free Cycles can help with tuning up people’s bicycles before the ride.  There is no cost to come along. Riders should sign up and bring food to share.  Free Cycles is also looking for people to loan out their touring bikes if they have an extra.


This is the 7th ride in the Tour de Montana series.


About the route: a truly scenic Montana bike ride on a meandering roadway up the Blackfoot Valley.  The road shoulder is wide and provides for a very comfortable biking experience.


About Lubrecht:  Lubrecht Experimental Forest is a 28,000 acre outdoor classroom dedicated to the advancement of natural resource knowledge.  The bicycles Free Cycles is donating will be used for field work, visitor exploration and other trips in the area.


About Camping:  Just off the beaten path, the group will camp and cook in some stunning Montana aspen groves in the heart of the Forest.  There are plenty of secluded areas to pitch a tent.  Riders should bring proper camping gear and be prepared for any type of weather.  There will be a group dinner and breakfast.  Let Free Cycles know what you can bring to share, focusing on ‘grains, greens, and proteins.’  The group will build a robust cooking fire upon arrival.


About Free Cycles: Free Cycles provides bikes, parts and help to the community.  Free Cycles is looking for good condition Mountain Bikes to donate to this project.



Bob Giordano, Free Cycles Program Director: 406 880 6834, This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Aleks Pitt, Free Cycles Volunteer: 720 810 3367

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