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Past Events


Here's some more designs coming out of the shop:


2 seat 3 wheel bike made from kid bikes and tubing

The front end of a 2 seat, 3 wheel bike, made from 2 kid bikes in front, and one kid bike in back.  It's a simple design that utilized coaster brakes- no cables or housing needed.  The steering is like a boat rudder- you can see the stick shift like device between the 2 seats: move it forward to go right, backward to go left.


 2 seater 3 wheeler with hitch and rear wheel

Rear end of trike, with a hitch for pulling big loads.


Front view of 2 seater 3 wheeler

Front view of 2 seat, 3 wheel bike, made from bike parts, metal tubing and 2 office chairs.


Joel towes bikes with the trailer

A bicycle towing unit that can tow up to 6 bikes- in this case a tricycle made from old bikes.



The winning entry in the 2010 homecoming parade- a bike powered float

Haywagon in 2010 Homecoming parade.  Pulled by the 3-wheeler and driven by 2 bikes attached to the back.  On the float is a World made of bike wheels, and a recycle can made of bike rims.



bikes attached to the haywagon provide rear drive

2 bikes that provide the rear drive for our hay wagon bike trailer.  This can carry many tons by bike power, as we have helped people move their entire household by cycle power.



a recycle can made from old bike rims

 A recycle can made from old bike rims.  Rims are laid on top of each other, with spokes joining the whole thing.


great bike for carrying children- the half john

A Half John- a good way to safely carry children that allows them to see the world up close.

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