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Missoula Streets and Trails

Reserve St. and Mullan Intersection

The project was complete in summer of 2011.  Initial results show a crash reduction at the immediate intersection, yet

crashes seem to have increased at the Clark Fork/ Mullan intersection. We are still analyzing all results.  Overall, this intersection still needs improvement.



The NW pedestrian island was removed in summer 2011 by the City and State in order to make room for another left turn lane onto Mullan from Reserve.   The continuous pedestrian crossing distance increased from 79' to 101'. 

MIST advocates for a comprehensive approach for solving the congestion and safety issues on Reserve St.  Instead of adding more lanes, we are proposing increased bus service, planning for regional passenger rail, connected walk and bike ways, strategic mixed use land development, increased efforts to shift rush hour traffic to other hours of the day, along with other community solutions. 


The pedestrian island that is proposed to be removed

This island is now gone, increasing the crossing distance for pedestrians to 101'.  One of our findings is that the last 12 pedestrian, cyclist and driver fatalities on Reserve Street have happened on crossing sections of 100' or more.  Solving congestion while enhancing community and environment seems to be a great challenge for society today.

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