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Elements of Sustainable Transportation

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Trails are an integral part of a transportation system. They bridge wilderness and civilization. A good trail system is connected, well-marked, interesting, and provides for a variety of recreation and commuting experiences.

Not all trails need to be formal. This brings up some quintessential questions for transportation: How much overall mobility do we need or want, how much of the Earth do we need access to, and to what degree do we formalize that access and mobility with infrastructure?

 Walking trail in Missoula
Trail outside Sandnes, Norway
 Trail outside Sandnes, Norway crossing a driveway
Walking path next to a wall
 Bike sign along urban trail - Norway


Bike Path - Glacier National Park 


Erosion control on walking path - Juneau, AK


Wooded trail - Boston, MA 


Trail maps for Misoula, Montana linked here

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